Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser

Game of Thrones Season 8: Everything so far we Know...
The epic and ultimate show's final episodes are almost upon us. Here's what we know so far which includes everything in brief. Read More

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix, February 15)

The Umbrella Academy – Netflix’s New Superhero Family Is Truly Dysfunctional
There are many superhero comic book stories in our times, both on the big and small screen, as Netflix is likely feeling a little light on that front these days after abandon most of its Marvel Series in the past few months, thanks to the difficulties that come with using a property that's basically owned by someone else. In this case, Disney will soon be a competitor on the list. Read More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season six (NBC, January 10)

What To Expect From Brooklyn Nine-Nine
In 2019, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back on NBC- here's all you need to know about the new airtime, premiere date and story. At the end of the 2017/18, the show was cancelled by Fox after five years on the air but, after just a day of panic, picking it up for a sixth season. Read More

Stranger Things season three (Netflix, July 4)

Need to heard about Stranger Things 3 on Netflix? What is going to happen, and Who is in the cast?
Netflix’s Stranger Things season, the company made official late in 2017 that three was a dead cert even before the second season dropped to widespread hysteria in October 2017. Read More

The Crown season three (Netflix, TBD)

How about and when The Crown season 3 coming on Netflix? Who is in the cast, and what is really going to happen this season?
Major surprise is about to come as who is going to join Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies, it will take over as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when the drama returns to Netflix. Read More